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Leadership Expert | Certified High Performance Coach

Leadership and High Performance Coaching

As a successful entrepreneur, certified speaker, and trainer for the John Maxwell Team, as well as a certified High-Performance Coach, I am eager to help you elevate your personal and professional life through leadership training and high performance coaching. Let’s take your capabilities to the next level together.

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Related Career Highlights:

Kelly is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in leadership development and team building, consistently delivering exceptional results and client satisfaction.


Started first business, Enginuity Advantage, in 2009, growing it to an 8-figure brand within 6 years


Started second business, Advantage Staffing Group in 2015, growing it to a 7 figure brand within 2 years


Over 25 years of experience in Human Resources focused on leadership and employee development, building teams (recruiting and retaining top talent)


Certified High-Performance Trainer, Speaker and Coach through the prestigious High-Performance Institute


John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach


Developed the Learning from the Experts Program at the University of Texas at Austin (Athletic Department)


Guest Teacher at McCombs School of Business – University of Texas. Principles of Self-Leadership.


Helped over 100 teams (including each of the companies I own) integrate High-Performance concepts into their culture and seen off the charts results (measurable performance increases across the board)


Average client satisfaction rating of 9.9 out of 10


About Kelly Hatfield

Kelly Hatfield is an entrepreneur who wholeheartedly believes in the ripple effect’s power, leveraging it to build several successful companies designed to enhance the impact others have in their businesses and lives.

With over 25 years of experience in recruiting, HR, and leadership development, Kelly thrives on serving others. Together with her dedicated business partners and teams, she has established four thriving companies focused on connecting exceptional talent with top organizations and fostering leadership growth. Her dual roles in coaching and consulting with companies to develop leadership teams and design effective recruiting and retention strategies, combined with her insights as the host of the Absolute Advantage podcast, provide her with a comprehensive view of the hiring process and leadership development from every angle.

If it’s your time for a dramatic change and rapid advancement in your personal and professional life, then I’d love to work with you one-on-one to break through your barriers and help you reach your highest potential and performance in all you do.


Kelly Hatfield’s Coaching Service

Kelly provides a range of coaching services to enhance personal and professional performance. Her High-Performance Coaching sessions offer clients clarity, strategies, and scientifically backed tools for exceptional results in various life aspects, covering topics like psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, and purpose. Clients develop high-performance habits such as clarity, courage, energy, necessity, influence, and productivity, leading to self-mastery and a more fulfilling life.

Furthermore, Kelly specializes in Leadership Coaching and Training, providing tailored programs including one-on-one coaching, leadership coaching, high-performance workshops, and team building. Her expertise enables leaders to profoundly influence their organizations. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Kelly continually strives to establish successful businesses dedicated to helping others amplify their impact both professionally and personally. She inspires individuals to achieve new heights in all aspects of their lives.

High-Performance Coaching Services


Leadership Coaching and Training


Keynote, Event, and Public Speaking


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Benefits of High-Performance Coaching

The main benefit of the High-Performance Training and Mentoring Program is increased overall employee wellness and employee engagement. Engaged employees like what they do and find their work meaningful. An engaged workforce will work harder, faster and with much more enthusiasm. Gallup’s report for the American workplace shows some interesting results. Satisfied employees are 40% more productive than dissatisfied employees. And, engaged employees are 44% more productive than satisfied employees.

Result #1 – Increased Productivity. A study by Gallup revealed that connected teams are 21% more productive.

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Owner, General and Advanced Dentistry

Amy Norman

I have met Ms. Hatfield on many occasions and have had the honor to hear about her commitment to her vision and business plan. A more ethical and focused partner in your business development, you will not find.

Diversity Board Member, City of Everett

Felicia Freeman
She is friendly, personable, and always professional. She is well informed and is easy to connect with. Kelly is supportive and provides excellent career input. I truly enjoyed working with her.

CEO, Valve and Meter Performance

Marcia B.

Through my work with Kelly Hatfield, my life has changed. I have plugged back into life and am seeing results in EVERY facet of my life. Everyone close to me keeps asking what I’m doing and I just send them Kelly’s direction. Love her!


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