Keynote Speaking

As a high-performance expert, Kelly Hatfield is ready to engage and inspire your audience/company with powerful keynote presentations 



Kelly’s energy and love for serving others and bringing value are felt from the moment she walks through the door and starts interacting with the audience. Her warmth, sense of humor, expertise and no-nonsense approach leave the audience feeling inspired to take action. She is a high-performance expert who focuses on taking individuals, companies and organizations to the next level.

Kelly Hatfield is an entrepreneur at heart. She views the world through a long-term lens. And it is this long view that pushes her to create positive impact no matter the obstacles or challenges in her way. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of the ripple effect and has built several successful companies aimed at helping others make a greater impact in their businesses and lives.

Keynotes serve as the anchor for conferences, seminars, and corporate events, setting the tone and conveying the overarching message. They have the power to inspire, educate, and motivate your team, stakeholders, and clients. By hiring me as your leadership keynote speaker and high performance expert, you are investing in an experience that not only informs but also sparks innovation, fosters collaboration, and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. My presentations are crafted to address the unique needs of your organization, blending actionable insights with compelling storytelling to captivate and engage your audience. This strategic approach ensures that every keynote not only aligns with your event’s goals but also drives meaningful change.

Recent speaking engagements:
University of Texas -McCombs School of Business
Alzheimer’s Association
National Staffing Association
American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)
Economic Alliance of Snohomish County (EASC)
Entrepreneur Organization


Group Foundation Session

Discover how this interactive and engaging session fosters unity, aligns objectives, and ignites the collective spirit of your team, setting the stage for achievement and collaboration like never before. As a leadership keynote speaker and high performance expert, Kelly Hatfield tailors each presentation to resonate deeply with your audience, ensuring that every participant leaves with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.